The importance of a balanced diet

Our bodies are made of the food we eat and the liquid we drink. If we eat junk food and drink junk drinks we will have a junk body and get junk health.

One of the easiest ways of seeing how good our diet is is to keep a diet diary. We can often see imbalances in the diet by checking our diet diary and it is quite easy to adjust and make big improvements.

Of course there are many opinions about diet – whether something is or is not good for you. You will find an “expert” who thinks every bit of junk food is good and you will find other “experts” who think the opposite. Also “experts” will change their minds on a particular topic every few years – how can we make sensible decisions where there is so much disagreement?

In Nature Cure we think the only expert is “Mother Nature”.

If you walk away from the lecture halls and laboratories and broadcasting studios where the “experts” are slugging it out with each other you find yourself in your local environment.

You have to find balance in that environment!

  • If you live in a hot climate it makes sense to favour cold drinks, lots of tropical fruit, cold meals and raw food
  • But if you live in a cold climate you will want hot meals and hot drinks and raw food will seem very unappealing!

These are general points– our diet will also need to vary with the seasons and also according to our state of health and age.

The job of the Health Practitioner is to help us with making the best adjustment to our environment as well as helping us to get the best from our genetic inheritance. For some details on understanding how to put together a balanced meal click here

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