Natural Medicine

Natural Medicine used in the right way is what Nature Cure is about. The Medicine used may be in the form of Amino acids, Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs etc.

Over the years we have used many different ranges of products from different manufacturers. In order for us to use a product it must

  1. be well designed and effective
  2. be of high purity and consistency
  3. be affordable
  4. lastly it must be easily swallowable!

For a list of companies that we recommend, please visit the Nutrition page.

If we are only in a mild state of imbalance we may be able to return to health by improving our diet. If we have been unwell for a long time or if we are seriously ill we need Medicine to help us.

There is lots of choice!

  • Some people are keen on vitamins
  • others sing the praises of special forms of minerals
  • while others are dedicated to using herbs

What’s the answer?

The first answer is that it depends what you need at that time – and the second answer is - lets look at Nature.

The human body is not a big pile of vitamins and neither is it a chunk of mineral rock like a dry stone wall. And we certainly aren’t plants. What we are is about 80% water and when we look at the solid part of us 80% of that is protein i.e. made of amino acids.

We are made of water and amino acids and it certainly seems clear that the best Natural Medicine for us is amino acids mixed into water!

This is not to say that other things do not have their place. They do – but pride of place goes to amino acids in water.

If we supplement this with small doses of minerals in an easily absorbable form safe effective amounts of vitamins and mild herbs we will have a safe, effective set of supplements as our Natural Medicine.

More Natural Medicine

There is a story about a Nutritional Scientist working in Orange County in California. He left his laboratory and bought two oranges – one from an Orchard and one from a supermarket. When he measured the amount of vitamin C in the oranges he found 80 milligrams in the orchard orange and none at all in the supermarket orange.

What do we learn from this?

The first thing is that we need to buy the freshest food we can. Most of us have to buy our food from a supermarket we cannot grow our all own food. So we do our best to buy the best and freshest food we can knowing that we cannot rely on the vitamin levels – we boost them by taking supplemental vitamins.

That’ s why we take vitamins!

How about minerals?

There is a disease called “Derbyshire neck”. It is a lump, called a goitre on the neck. It is found in the parts of the world, including parts of Iran and parts of the USA where the Iodine levels in the soil are too low. Do you know about the Iodine levels in your area? And the zinc levels ? And the magnesium levels.....

That’s why we take minerals.


What is a herb? Is every plant a herb? Lets take a simple approach : If we like to eat a plant we call it a vegetable; if we like to look at it we call it a flower; if we like to use it for medicine we call it a herb but if we don’t like it at all we call it a weed!

A good example is the common dandelion. A dandelion is an edible plant – the leaves are used in salads, its bright flowers are most attractive; it is a trusted anticonvulsant medications for the kidneys and most gardeners don’t like it one little bit.

How do herbs work?

Some herbs have their effect by giving us a high level of a vitamin, some herbs by their high mineral content, some make special chemicals e.g. in Soya beans we find a weak form of oestrogen which can be very useful in reducing menopausal problems. Some like Evening Primrose have a high oil content.

Some herbs have amounts of poisons that defend the plant against insects or fungal attack.

It is not true that all herbs are safe because they are Natural. Herbs are safe if they are used with knowledge and if they are used at the right dose.

The simplest approach is to use only mild herbs! Even better is to get expert help from a Naturopath.

What is a mild herb?

An example is slippery elm. This can be bought as a food in a health shop and made into a kind of porridge or can be put into capsules. It is very soothing to the gut - an extremely safe herb

Another would be ginger root. This can be bought at any decent grocers and can be used in casseroles or made into a tea. There are many applications; most people know about ginger settling the stomach but might be shocked if they saw an article called “Ginger Lowers Cholesterol Prevents LDL Oxidation and Slows Atherosclerosis”, enough said.

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