Doing Castor Oil Hydrotherapy

How To Use A Castor Oil Pack


  • Lower Abdominal Pack – this helps the colon, calms the enteric nervous system, applies an anti inflammatory action to the whole area of the reproductive and genital systems and helps the circulation of blood and lymph.
  • Low Back: if we just put the Pack on “back to front” we can focus the healing on the sacrum area and the sciatic nerve and assist the circulation of the cerebrospinal fluid
  • Thymus Pack: just behind the breast bone lies the thymus gland. This is the heart of the Immune system and by using a Thymus Pack we can help support the Immune system any time we need to
  • Neck Pack: I sometimes describe this as a Castor Oil scarf. We just drape the Castor Oil Pack around the neck. The Lymphatic System of the whole body drains into the neck so we can help purify the lymph system of the whole body and in particular treat Neck and Head pain
  • Injuries: a sore knee or damaged joint can be treated by wrapping a Castor Oil Pack around it

 Practical Points:

Because the skin is able to absorb we use Oil of the best quality. Organic Oil is best, Oil described as Cold Pressed is not as pure and you simply have to use your judgement. Likewise with the cloth that the oil is poured onto. Pure unbleached cotton or wool is recommended. If a standard white cloth is used it is possible that the pigment and dyes in the cloth may be absorbed by the skin.


The cloth is usually stored in a sealed bag or container in the ‘fridge. It is important to keep it cold and covered when not used to reduce the chance of fungus growing on the cloth. It may be hand washed once a month. If put into a washing machine with other items the oil may stain them.

 Safety Point

Whether you use a Heating Pad or a hot water bottle hasty or inattentive action can lead to an accident. Think through whatever procedure you use to eliminate risk to others and to yourself.


Neck Pain? Back Pain? Pelvic Issues? Trapped Nerve/Sciatica? Headaches? Anxiety? Digestive Issues? Hormonal Issues? Phobias?
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