Mineral Salt Baths

The use of mineral waters and mineral springs is an ancient practise.  We all know the Romans built elaborate baths at the places where mineral springs occurred. The most obvious example of this is the town of Bath itself.

Another famous name in the history of Hydrotherapy is Epsom. It was a centre of interest and one might almost say pilgrimage for "taking the waters" in the days of Samuel Pepys.

Using Epsom Salts in a bath is a simple safe technique with many benefits. It can be used as part of a programme involving Supplements, physical therapy etc., or can just be used to help aching muscles recover from sports or gardening fatigue. If suffering from a headache a footbath is used not a whole body bath!

Epsom Salts is composed of magnesium sulphate and is absorbed by the skin while in the bath.  Magnesium is a mineral needed by muscles to relax and much needed by the Adrenal Glands to support their function of enabling the body to react to stress.

Another mineral used in a mineral bath is Sodium bicarbonate. Used together with Epsom salts, in a bath these minerals produce a kind of "suction" so that toxic acids in the skin are removed.  This can be done whenever one wishes in general use.  As part of a programme it will depend on the individual.

Practical notes:
nothing else should be in the water when using a mineral bath – in particular no kind of soap or the minerals will not be able to work. A mineral bath is not for washing in!
Second; in Nature Cure Epsom Salts and Sodium Bicarbonate are only used in the bath;
third although used for bathing it is recommended that the top quality of mineral is used – not the household quality but B.P. or U.S.P., meaning pure enough to take by mouth.

Even though we are only bathing in the salts they are absorbed into the body. You could say that the skin swallows them!

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