Let your food be your Medicine”, Hippocrates

Hippocrates was right, to be healthy we must eat healthy food, but what is healthy food? We are told many different things by “experts”, many of whom contradict each other and many of whom do not appear to enjoy the top quality health we want.

We know that food must give us protein, carbohydrate and fat but there are also 7 other ingredients we need to consume if we want top quality health.

To help you make your mind up about the right type of food to eat lets look at each of these ten “ingredients” of health.

The use of mineral waters and mineral springs is an ancient practise.  We all know the Romans built elaborate baths at the places where mineral springs occurred. The most obvious example of this is the town of Bath itself.

Our bodies are made of the food we eat and the liquid we drink. If we eat junk food and drink junk drinks we will have a junk body and get junk health.

One of the easiest ways of seeing how good our diet is is to keep a diet diary. We can often see imbalances in the diet by checking our diet diary and it is quite easy to adjust and make big improvements.

Of course there are many opinions about diet – whether something is or is not good for you. You will find an “expert” who thinks every bit of junk food is good and you will find other “experts” who think the opposite. Also “experts” will change their minds on a particular topic every few years – how can we make sensible decisions where there is so much disagreement?

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