Fee Structure

Consultations and Treatments

50 /per Session
Kinesiology, CranioSacral Therapy, Ishta Spinal Touch
  • First visit Consultation and Treatment £50-£70
  • Allow at least one and a half hours for the first consultation.
  • Subsequent treatments 1 hour.
  • Loyalty Price Plan for regular clients available
  • Referral Rewards for clients available
70 /per Session
Frequency Therapy
  • Frequency Therapy using Scalar Electromagnetic devices
  • Allow at least one and a half hours for the first consultation.

Food Intolerance Testing

50 /per Session
Kinesiology Food Intolerance Testing
  • Using your muscles as an indicator, food items are tested individually for a reaction.
IGE Allergy check
  • Blood Work
  • Egg, Milk, Fish, Soya Bean, Peanut Environmental Allergens Grass Pollen Mix – Sweet Vernal, Rye, Timothy, Cultivated Rye, Velvet Grasses Mould & Yeast Mix House Dust Mite Dog Dander Cat Epithelium & Dander
Food intolerance Blood Test
  • Blood Work
  • Analyses your blood against more than 130 foods and drinks to accurately show your food specific IgG antibody reactions

Deficiency and Toxicity Testing

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis
  • A simple, non invasive way of checking your body’s mineral levels and toxins from a simple analysis of a hair sample.
Nutritional deficiency
  • Blood Work
  • Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, Folate (B9) Bone Screen Calcium, Albumin, Corrected Calcium Biochemistry Magnesium, Ferritin Thyroid Function FT4, TSH

Other Prices

Are available and are usually a vital part of treatment and assist a speedy return to well-being and are changed separately.

If a particular health problem has been long standing, or particularly severe, then it may take longer to resolve.

Our list of recommended suppliers for nutritional supplements can be found here.

How Many Visits?

Significant improvement is expected, in most cases, after three to six visits.

Most patients feel better after the first treatment and a great improvement within a month.

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