Containing 11 immune boosting herbs to support you through those cold and flu seasons.


Containing 12 powerful herbs to help you through your menopause or hormone imbalance symptoms. 


Containing 11 powerful herbs to help with benign enlarged Prostate symptoms. 


Colloidal Silver has been widely used for years to help fight bacterial infections and our Silver has the extra benefit of being bathed in Rife frequencies.


Silver has been widely used as a natural treatment throughout history, as far back as Ancient Greece where they used a silver coin in a barrel of water to keep it fresh and to stop bacteria growing.


Can be used to keep eyes healthy and clean, and prevent infections with the natural antibacterial and antifungal properties of silver.


You may not be able to turn back the clock‚ but free radicals and antioxidants may help you remain physically and mentally youthful for as long as possible. Free radicals‚ strangely enough‚ are actually unstable forms of oxygen that can cause tissue degeneration and premature aging.


Great quality Vitamin D and Vitamin K2 combination


NutriVital Mastic Beads are made from a natural resin from the Pistacia Lentiscus tree found in the isle of Chios in Greece. NutriVital Mastic Beads are imported directly from Chios and are kept in a natural state with no additives.


Daily Vitamin D supplements


Angelica brings in the frequency of the angelic / high elven / shining ones realm to help us transcend our core wounds, the main lessons we have incarnated in this life to learn.


Dandelion is all about patterns, whether it is the pulling together of a project or the habitual patterns within ourselves, '


Fireweed / Rosebay Willowherb ignites new beginnings and clears the energetic imprints of trauma or shock in place of which something new can arise. Fireweed promotes abundance to assist in those new beginnings. 


The heart medicine of our land and the renowned gateway to the faery realm, Hawthorn essence supports the heart at an emotional and therefore physical and spiritual level. Helping to release the heartbreaks of life and the barriers that we build around our heart, Hawthorn takes us into deep peace so that we are free to feel love and compassion again.


The alchemists secret, this magical plant can potentise our transformational processes bringing acceptance of challenging situations, along with a sense of calm and serenity.


This essence was made using the light of the blue moon to infuse the vibration of mugwort with the intention for lucid dreaming and vivid dreams.


Made on Mugwort's power day, Summer Solstice, this essence will bring alignment into your life, make you more present and offers protection from negative energies. 


Nettle is one of the most underated gems of our native plant kingdom. The essence of nettle offers us insight into thought and behavioural patterns that are not serving us and then brings the nourishment and strength to overcome them.


Our modern lifestyle keeps us disconnected from the earth in many ways and the majority of people do not live embodied or grounded.


This delicate yet powerful plant spirit has many hidden qualities. The herald of new beginnings Snowdrop draws out toxic energies from deep within the system to be cleared and attracts situations and occurances into your life for you to understand purity on a whole new level. 


Wormwood specialises in the precision aspect of the Artemisias, aiding your awareness to become clear and detailed.


Made on the St John's Wort power day, Summer Solstice, this high vibrational essence brings in protective and purifying divine light to fill your energetic system and strengthen your boundaries.


Yarrow is a truly shamanic plant. Named after the powerful Greek demi-god Achilles, this plant unites the warrior healer within us and show us how to use our energy efficiently for the benefit of self and other, a great support for all types of healers on their path. It also helps balance our masculine and feminine energies and can assist with ancestral healing of the bloodlines.


The tree of eternity and one of the oldest living trees on the planet, the Yew tree stands as a gateway to the Otherworld. This essence was made in an ancient yew tree circle in Wales and includes the vibration of the two veteran Yews of this circle, thought to be between 4-5,000 years old. The Yew holds the potential of all that is and from it’s deep luminous dark interior we can learn to strip away the karmic cycles and baggage that we have been born with to uncover the truth of our existence. 


30ml stock strength

Ingredients: Water, Brandy (50/50) and the imprint of the consciousness of Taxus Baccata



Detailed Results
Detailed Our 12 page results package shows food reactions on a scale of 0 - 5, instead of just 'positive' or 'negative'.


In our always-on wireless world, we seem to be increasingly wired. Wireless radiation is emitted from all our favourite devices, from smartphones, tablets and laptops to Wi-Fi routers, baby monitors and games consoles. Levels are 100 million times higher than 50 years ago.


We all know sleep is a powerful tool, playing an integral role in our physical and mental health. But in today’s always-on world, we are constantly connected to mobiles, laptops and more, all of which may be interfering with our ability to get a good night’s sleep.


Seven tumblestones are included in this pack making up the Chakra balancing stones.


Chakra pencil pendant that can be worn as a necklace


Beautiful Quartz Chakra pendant that can be worn as a necklace.



3 Point Quartz Silver Plated pendant that can be worn as a necklace



Suitable for body pain issues, wellbeing, stress management and cancer support.

Book a package of 4 Kinesiology/Spinal Mechanics treatments and receive a 5% discount.

Sessions prices normally £50 each, saving you £10!


Suitable for body pain issues, wellbeing, stress management and cancer support.

Book a package of 5 Kinesiology/Spinal Mechanics sessions and receive a 10% discount

Sessions prices normally £50 each, saving you £25!


Suitable for body pain issues, wellbeing, stress management and cancer support.

Book a package of 10 Kinesiology/Spinal Mechanics treatments and receive a 15% discount.

Session prices normally £50 each, saving you £75!


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