Energy Healing

Energy Healing

Energy healing therapy is defined as regaining the balance of mind, body and spirit. It is a natural process – the oldest form of therapy that has been practised since ancient times.

Combining a range of energy healing techniques such as Shamanic Kinesiology, Celtic Medicine Wheel work, dowsing and other energy-based therapies.

Energy healing therapy is suitable for everyone from young to senior citizens and is complementary to conventional medicine.

Celtic Medicine Kinesiology

This service is a blending and an intertwining of over a decade of experience as a Kinesiology practitioner and a Celtic Medicine energy practitioner. I have been undergoing extensive and integral Celtic Medicine energy training for over 15 years and I am now at a space where I can offer this additional service whilst continuing my Celtic Medicine training.


Celtic Medicine Kinesiology is a specialised and unique service where it will be a kinesiology session within a celtic energetic medicine context.  We will be working within a template to hold and work with spirit allies, spirit animals and plant spirits and working at an inter-dimensional level.


The remote session is conducted within a full celtic medicine wheel which is an energetic container and sacred template that I create and establish for you and your session. The celtic medicine wheel provides psychic privacy and a safe space for your spirit allies and guides to participate within the session. Working within a multi-dimensional space is very powerful.

This kind of session is extremely powerful because we are incorporating all aspects of spirit which we sometimes don’t get to do when working in a regular kinesiology session.

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Please note, this is a remote session only.

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