Ishta Spinal Touch

Ishta Spinal Touch

Ishta Spinal Touch uses gentle pressure on to muscles to encourage your body into its correct alignment. You're posture is assessed using a plumb line, identifying distortion patterns and formulating a bespoke alignment prescription. A course of treatment aims to align your limbs and spine, placing your joints in a neutral position and therefore relieving stresses and strains on your muscles and ligaments. Ishta Spinal Touch is suitable for people of all ages and lifestyles, and may help promote health and well being.

If you’re not standing as erect as there pictures illustrate, you could be a candidate for health problems. Are your shoulders and hips levels? Would a line down your side connect your ear, shoulder, hip, knee and ankle? Or does your body show hidden signs of distortion and distress? Ask your Ishta Spinal Touch practioners. They are guardians of your health both today’s and tomorrows.

What is Ishta Spinal Touch?

Ishta Spinal Touch is a non-force technique which works solely by muscle relaxation to dramatically increase your level of well being and overall health.

Any stress, whether it is physical, emotional, mental, chemical or nutritional, can create an imbalance at the centre of gravity of the body, …

…Once that has happened distortion can occur which will effect the normal functioning and self-repairing mechanisms of the body.

What to Expect at Your First Treatment

At your first Ishta Spinal Touch treatment your practitioner will take a detailed medical history to decide if Ishta Spinal Touch is the correct treatment for you to be receiving. They will also explain how the treatment works and what they are going to do.

Generally the treatment is done with you in your underwear. Occasionally, if your underwear is too large to work around, you may be asked to undress completely and wear a treatment gown. You will be assessed standing at a plumbline and some discreet marks will be made on your body using a skin pencil. A contact point will be found and tested, which is usually around the gluteal fold (where your bottom meets the back of your upper thigh). You will be asked to lie on your front for fifteen or twenty minutes while the treatment is given. This is a very gentle massage and often induces a state of profound relaxation. After getting back up you will be checked against the plumbline again where your new posture will be compared against the marks of your first assessment. If your practitioner is qualified in other therapies they may or may not add them to the Ishta Spinal Touch.

If your body has been distorted for a prolonged period of time it will be impossible to relieve such strain in one treatment. Even if it where possible, releasing so many toxins into the bloodstream all at once could make you very ill. Therefore, it usually takes a number of treatments, in combination with any diet or life style changes that your practitioner may recommend for your individual needs, before your body regains its normal posture and health. You may also experience reactions after the treatment, the most common being a feeling of stiffness or soreness for a day or two. The treatment is making your body expel toxins that have been stored in your chronically contracted muscles. It needs time to get rid of these.

Remember, healing is a process, not an event.

Be a Patient Patient!

A Brief History

Ishta Spinal Touch has its origins with two Chiropractors called John Hurley and Helen Sanders. John Hurley was a structural engineer who had become fascinated with the idea of applying his knowledge of structural stresses to the human body. To further this aim he trained as a Chiropractor. He obtained his degree from the Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1915. While in Chiropractic College he met a fellow student, Helen Sanders, and they married. Together, in the early 1920's, they developed a technique for postural reintegration using engineering principles, laws of leverage, physiology and Chiropractic. They called it Aquarian Age Healing. Drs. Hurley and Sanders eventually divorced and Dr. Hurley moved to Colorado where he continued to teach the technique until his death in the late 1950's.

One of the instructors that John Hurley trained was a Chiropractor called Francis Goes. He worked in private practice and kept the technique pure. In 1962 he taught another Chiropractor called LaMar Rosquist, over a period of about fifteen months, who collated all the material. He was later to change the name to Spinal Touch. Dr. Goes encouraged Dr. Rosquist to improve and refine the technique, and in 1975 he published the 'Encyclopaedia of the Spinal Touch Treatment' and began teaching it.

Sue Weller and Allyn Edwards, both McTimoney Chiropractors, went over to America to train with Dr. Rosquist in 1998. As they had been the Principal and Senior practical tutors at the McTimoney Chiropractic College for many years, Dr. Rosquist asked them if they would train to be tutors in Spinal Touch, and teach it to health care professionals and to lay people in the United Kingdom. They now run seminars in Ishta Spinal Touch.

ISHTA stands for Integrating Spinal Health with Therapeutic Approaches. They believe that Spinal Touch has the ability to enhance many other therapeutic modalities, either in combination or in alternation with them. They also have a thriving private practice where Spinal Touch is used extensively.

How Ishta can Help You

Ishta Spinal Touch is particularly safe and gentle and has helped people with:

Ankylosing Spondylitis Menstrual Problems
Anxiety Migraines
Arthritis Multiple Sclerosis
Asthma Neck Pain
Back Pain Pins and Needles
Balance Problems Problems during and after Pregnancy
Digestive Problems Recurrent Infections
Fatigue Repetitive Strain Injuries
Frozen Shoulders Scoliosis
Headaches Sciatica
Insomnia Sinus Problems
Jaw Problems Sports Injuries
Joint Pain Stress Management
Kyphosis Tennis Elbow
Lordosis Tension
Low Energy Visual Disturbances
  Whiplash Injuries and more

Ishta Spinal Touch is primarily concerned with creating a healthy, balanced state on all levels. It can therefore help people with almost any condition.

FHT Accredited Register
Neck Pain? Back Pain? Pelvic Issues? Trapped Nerve/Sciatica? Headaches? Anxiety? Digestive Issues? Hormonal Issues? Phobias?
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